Business departments, what can you do…

Let’s face it. Often Microsoft Office 365 is run and implemented by ICT. And of course, ICT is an important actor. But, you as Human Resource director or Internal Communication manager or Marketing expert or as CEO: Do you know that O365 could be the biggest opportunity to reinvent your company? Making your company more productive, more responsive to market changes, more competitive aswell as attractive. It is all about new ways of working together, and yes more digital. Just let me give some simple examples:

Human Resources

The most valuable assets of your company are it’s employees. Providing a modern, flexible and easy to use workspace will make the difference. Employee well-being is today an important HR success factor. O365 enables you to support home work. Or allows you to easily set-up meetings between offices in different regions without the travel horror of today…

Internal Communication

We know it is difficult to get the right message to the right persons, at the right time. O365 allows you to target information to specific groups, to distribute the information via mobile devices as well as PC’s, to help you to overcome the language translations burden…


Marketing involves a lot of different parties. Internal departments need to collaborate with external marketing design companies, copy writers, translators… Would it not be ideal to provide one location where all Marketing content is stored. Accessible for all, assuring you always have the latest version. O365 can provide this… and secured!

Without the engagement of Business management, O365 can not be a success.


Also as CEO, you can act and make O365 a success. Set up interactive sessions with your management to take decisions on the spot. Communicate via Skype Broadcasting to your thousands’ of employees – at the same time.  Use the O365 tools to start your internal Digital Transformation within your company.

Act now!

Let O365 as a technology make your company better. If Business and ICT work togheter with a common vision and plan, you will make the difference, together.

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