where can O365 bring the most value?

In this fast changing world, we use at least one of the following daily: Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Twitter. To connect to friends or colleagues, to share information. Many of us want similar tools in our professional live, and secured. Office 365 can bring your company this business value. How do you start? Select which current collaboration or communication work methods should be improved to deliver outstanding results. And start a pilot, using O365 functionalities as chat workspace, post news or info, share content, co-create documents. The picture below shows examples of typical business scenarios, where O365 drives business value. The example shown focusses on collaboration: how do we work better together.

Four collaboration opportunities are identified:

  1. Work Smarter. Remote work, home work allows people to work and meet even if they are at home. Skype for Business brings such new ways of working. But Skype does more, it also enables you to become extremely responsive. For example, you are in a meeting and there is a question that only another person can answer. A quick Skype chat does just that. O365 enables sharing information with internal and external users easely and within the security and compliancy rules.
  2. Communicate interactive. Although these example use cases start from a collaboration point of view, interactive communication is also part of it. O365 Yammer, Skype and Teams will give you your internal secure Facebook, Slack or WhatsApp.
  3. User Experience is the driver for “What is in it for me”. Choose your device to collaborate will empower employees. You start editing a document on a corporate PC and continue work later on your private Tablet. All content and connections to experts are available within one platform, one user interface, one place to find all info. Note that user experiences evolve. Today, artificial intelligence opens a new world in user experiences…
  4. Clearly, integration is an important driver for value. Integrate O365 with your core business applications, like CRM, logistics and ERP is crucial. Make O365 be a driving part in your business processes automation.

We hope that these examples help you to select your own business use cases. Prioritise them and start piloting. Show these use cases in demos to your management and stakeholders. That is how you build up awareness on how Office 365 drives business value within your company.

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