Why do we need Business Transformation (NWOW)?

New Ways of Working together and become a digital company… The world is changing. With many challenges like be proactive and fast or know everything about your customers and competitors. Also employees are changing. Today, they want the ideal work-life balance.  And companies have a mix of generations that seem to differ more than effer before. Yes, these are challenges. But I prefer to see these as opportunities.

To answer to current market needs, businesses must build new products and services. Business needs to innovate to keep a competitive advantage. This transformation is more than just implementing new technology. You transform into a new organization with differences in mindset, behaviour and culture. The picture below summarize Business Transformation quite nicely.  You move towards new objectives, new forms of leadership, new ways of working and start innovate by experimentation… (click on the picture to open the source: QAspire).

Three main changes to achieve:

  • Change from Profit to Purpose. Making Purpose your objective, gives you the power to make the difference and lets you  focus on the long term. Profit is seldom a direct driver for innovation, it only drives to short term profit. But focus on purpose drives innovation towards excelling products or services, hence it will drive long term prosperity.
  • New ways of working together. Free the potential of your employees by empowering them. Technology enables you to implement new collaboration methods, like home work (for better work-life balance) or create communities within your company or with your customers and partners. These initiate creativity. And creativity, will lead to innovation, proactivity and speed.
  • Change towards trust. In a world of fake news and social media present everywhere, we are searching for trust. Trust is fundamental to get knowledge and experiences shared, a prerequisite to innovate. Examples of more experimental innovation methods that show the power of this change are Agile or Minimal Viable Product approaches. Microsoft Office 365 itself is one of those examples, but Bitcoin, Airbnb and  Spotify are just some others…

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