New features on Office 365 released this summer

Office 365 is updated by Microsoft hundreds of times per year. Amazing. But lets focus on the once that are release during the summer period, and may be of great importance for you. Note, that you should keep a close eye on the Microsoft 365 blog.

  1. The first one is of course Teams. Microsoft is working on a transition of Skype for Business into Teams. Hence, Teams will support chat (a persistent one), online meetings, video conferences, even live evens and broadcasts. Also the softphone functionality is moved into Teams. This will make Teams the collaboration hub for your employees. Are we already there? Not yet, but each month more functionality is coming into Teams. You can find more on the Microsoft Teams product page. Of course Connect365 will bring more info in the future as well. 
  2. There is now a free version of Teams… So you can try it out, even without an Office 365 license. Have fun!
  3. Whiteboard function. Its now general available as a new App in Office 365. For online interactive meetings, you need this. And if your company already uses the Microsoft Surface Hub, it is integrated. A small app that could make the difference. Try it out!
  4. Adobe PDF integration in Office 365. You will see more and more Adobe functionality in Office 365. Great job of Microsoft and Adobe, we will love to us it.