Boekbespreking: De Netwerk Expeditie

This blog is in Dutch only, concerning a new book “The network expedition”. Today, this book is only available in Dutch. Gisteren was ik bij de voorstelling van het boek, De Netwerk expeditie (slimmer samenwerken met sociale technologie). Het boek is geschreven door Geert Nijs, die ik ken van KBC. Hij was de drijvende kracht …

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Make your organization competitive, today!

Business Digital Transformation. For years business people, managers, are talking about it. But now Proximus shows that Digital Transformation is no longer a discussion. It is a physical, commercial fact. If you still want to exist tomorrow, if you still want to be competitive, your organisation needs to start now. Some organisations may still have …

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Happy New Year

A happy “work together” for 2019. Let’s connect.

New features on Office 365 released this summer

Office 365 is updated by Microsoft hundreds of times per year. Amazing. But lets focus on the once that are release during the summer period, and may be of great importance for you. Note, that you should keep a close eye on the Microsoft 365 blog. The first one is of course Teams. Microsoft is …

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