O365 User Adoption

Do you consider working
smarter together?

How about rethinking the triangle:  people, process and technology. Implementing new ways of working together involves actions on all aspects of the triangle. Technology enables more efficiency and effectiveness. Technology goes hand in hand with an excelling user experience.

How to ensure the success of the user experience?

Microsoft Office 365 is market leader for cloud based collaboration and communication solutions. And yet, not all O365 implementations are a success. Why? Because making O365 a success also requires an investment in people. This approach includes moving your employees towards new ways of working together. Let people see what’s in it for them, and they will engage. All your users equipped with a PC, portable or tablet need support. They aks for training and coaching. Make them aware that O365 drives the company towards more productivity, but also that O365 makes their work more fun.

User Adoption is the approach to successfully transform the culture . This business change is a project on its own: You need  to invest (budget and resources) in technology, but equally invest in Business Change. The phrase below summarized perfectly the aim of user adoption:

You only achieve to work smarter,
if  everyone actually uses O365.

How to get started?

User Adoption is built on the six pillars shown below. Some will be familiar to you, some may be new.

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