Discover Business value of Office 365

You want to know what Office 365 is or what business value or features it enables?  This 1/2 day session is the ideal starting point. First, we discuss the Business value: why use O365? How and what will it bring to your organisation. Next, we shortly introduce O365 as a suite of apps. Finally, to experience O365 yourself, we “play” together a business scenario: A day in the life

Modern collaboration, powered by O365

This one day session is the ideal introduction on Office 365. After this session you have felt what modern collaboration means. You have experienced most O365 Apps, in a business scenario. But we also discuss the approach needed to get Office 365 successfully implemented. We show you what business transformations may be needed and where to start. How to align Business, Security and ICT…

Adopt the workplace of the future!

This one day workshop shows you how to work smarter and be connected. A productive workplace is the best route to this success. The O365 technology is crucial, but getting user engagement is far more important. Attract your employees to work with the new, modern toolset, every day. They will excel in productivity or quality and have more fun at work. Learn more about user adoption…

Scenario: work from anywhere

First, Work from Anywhere, an important new way of working together. You get flexibility, your work-life balance improves and less traffic jam burden. Second, Deliver on Outcome. Work from anywhere and being effective requires also new leaderships methods. Focus on results instead of presence. Or be more a coach then a hierarchical chief… This workshop shows you how the capabilities of Office 365 enables you to work from anywhere. You will experience, as a team, how to act when working remotely, both as a leader or team member. Become as effective while working on-the-go as you would be if you were in the office.

Initiate Business Governance on O365

This halve day initiation workshop shows you how to implement  Governance around Office 365 successfully. What is the objective and what will O365 Governance mean for your company? Office 365 includes a lot of tools to collaborate, interact, connect and communicate. It allows you to share content with external parties. Office 365 will be part of your knowlegde base. It’s clear that some user guidance and best practices on how to use O365 is required, including (legal) obligations. This workshop will show you how to set Governance up and embed it within your O365 approach.

Scenario: Make meetings matter

Make meetings matter. What could we do? We reduce our time wasted. Join and participate meetings faster. Use shared spaces to store notes, documents, actions, in real time and co-authored. In the end, what we want is to take the right decisions fast, assure that we all agree and have an easy follow-up. This session will provide the techniques (powered by Office 365) as well as tips & tricks to improve your meeting habits.

Teams & SharePoint, lets decide now!

The objective for this one day session: Enable you to decide how you will use these two superb tools in your companies collaboration environment. We show you the strengths of both Microsoft Teams chat workspaces and SharePoint Collaboration sites. Today, people want to collaborate using chat, working together on the same document, planning team tasks… You will learn quick wins as well as how to handle more complex collaboration scenarios. Office 365 offers such lot of functionality! 

Skype for Business, deep dive

This half day session will quick-start you. After an introduction and basic overview of the tool, we dive into the more advanced features of Skype for Business. You learn and feel how Skype works: simple, fast and powerful. The second part is all about business value. How can you become responsive as a team or company? And how to manage remote workers? We play a business game to show you the power of Skype and at the same time you will learn how you work habits and leadership will change.