Discover Business value of Office 365

You want to know what Office 365 is or what business value or features it enables?  This 1/2 day session is the ideal starting point. First, we discuss the Business value: why use O365? How and what will it bring to your organisation. Next, we shortly introduce O365 as a suite of apps. Finally, to experience O365 yourself, we “play” together a business scenario: A day in the life

We demonstrate the different Office 365 Apps, in a real business scenario. Bring your Portable with you, and play the scenario with us, and with your colleagues. You actually feel what Skype, Teams, OneDrive, and many other O365 Tools can bring for you. Even tools you thought you know, like Outlook, may amaze you.

Work smarter, meet better together, connect at any time, any place… and with any device.  Within your organisation or across organisations, with partners or customers. Easy and secure, this is what Office 365 provides

This half-day session will be hosted at your premises. Typically it starts at 9h30 (or 13h) and ends at about 12h30 (or 16h).  We just need a suitable meeting room, beamer and screen, network/wifi connection… and motivating attendees. Bring your portable and join the business scenario game.

Proposed agenda of the session is:

  1. Discuss business value of Office 365. Start now with “the workspace of the future”
  2. See O365: Short demo of  the business scenario: “A day at…
  3. Feel O365: Be part and play with the other attendees “A day at…
  4. Discussion & Brainstorm: Where drives O365 value at your site?



Location  At your site.
Max attendees  12
Date:  we will plan it together. (1/2 day session)
Price:  800 € (exclusive VAT)
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