Adopt the workplace of the future!

The most important success factor of implementing Office 365 is: How do you get O365 adopted by your end users. A challenging, but at the same time motivating task. Attractting colleagues to use Office 365, create awareness and showing the benefits is a unique experience. But what is the User Adoption Approach? The short answer is: it is a methodology to successfully change the Business. But equally it is also a method to implement new technology, often called a new version of Office.  This one day session shows you the value of both O365 as a technology and user adoption as a methodology.

Why should you follow this session?

First of all, if you do not get adoption of O365 or if you feel that the business benefits are not up to what you expected. Or you just struggle with where to start. You are not alone, a lot of companies have these questions, or should we say challenges. User Adoption is about engaging business users, management and ICT. To let everyone truly see and feel the “what is in it for me“…

Who should attend?

Business managers and Influencers, Business Analysts, Solution or Enterprise Architects, Project Leaders, Change Managers, Product Owners…
Typically, these sessions are followed by people from HR, Communication, Marketing and IT departments.
Of course all Office 365 Consultants or project members should be aware of how to get user adoption.

Detailed Description

User adoption combines the strengths of technology with the benefits and objectives of business change. It engages employees, it motivates to connect. In addition, the methodology allows you -as an organisation- to learn while changing, to adapt where necessary. Promoting O365, showing success stories and getting your “early adopters” started is the first goal. The picture below shows that different topics are covered by the user adoption approach. Starting with a training & coaching approach up to communication and starting a new business support organisation.

User Adoption is at the center of the execution of change. It forms the glue between the change strategy, the behaviour & cultural change initiatives and the technology.

After a short introduction of Office 365 we start to introduce the “secrets of User Adoption”. We answer Why? What? How? and show examples how it differs from traditional Change Management. Getting O365 adopted can only be achieved if users see that it solves real business problems. Finding the right Business Scenarios for O365 is key to drive value and improve collaboration or communication. It helps to change the companies culture. In the afternoon we dive deeper in how to start a “user adoption approach” and how to embed this in your organisation.

This workshop is crucial to understand that User Adoption is mandatory to achieve both a successful technical implementation of O365 as well as changing your ways of working . Without it, you will not achieve the benefits you expect.


Just be open to learn a new, agile, way of implementing change or putting it differently see people, change and technology go hand in hand.

Agenda for the one-day training

(See also our User Adoption page)


Location  at your site.
Max attendees  10
Date:  we will plan it together. (1 day workshop)
Price:  1.500 € (exclusive VAT)
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