Initiate Business Governance on O365

This halve day initiation workshop shows you how to implement  Governance around Office 365 successfully. What is the objective and what will O365 Governance mean for your company? Office 365 includes a lot of tools to collaborate, interact, connect and communicate. It allows you to share content with external parties. Office 365 will be part of your knowlegde base. It’s clear that some user guidance and best practices on how to use O365 is required, including (legal) obligations. This workshop will show you how to set Governance up and embed it within your O365 approach.

Why should you follow this session?

Governance combines people, process, technology to define a service for business. Governance avoids unambiguity and limits the risks and conflicts when using an application like O365. Finding the balance between controlling on one side and business flexibility on the other, that is the challenge. Let’s not forget, It’s all about making users work better together.

Who should attend?

Typically, we advise a mix of people tp follow this session. Business will be represented by Business decision takers, key user “from the field”. IT will be represented by (project) decision takers, architects. And finally Security (or legal/compliance) to assure the compliancy within O365. Select the attendees from different departments, different generations, different backgrounds…

Of course all Office 365 Consultants or project members should be aware of how Governance helps you to achieve success.

Detailed Description

After a short introduction, we dive into the Governance personalized for your O365 implementation. Setting the objectives and main principles in a brainstorm will start-up the typical discussions. Next we decide on how we will run the Governance . And last but not least we discuss some (typical) Governance Topics to show how you could proceed further…

We will show examples during the discussions, where possible.


Just be open to learn a new, agile, way of implementing Governance.

Agenda for the half-day training

  1. What is Business Governance? What is the objective? Why should you start with Governance?
  2. Define your first O365 Governance principles?
  3. How will we implement a Governance approach:
    • Start-up of a Governance Board
    • How to communicate and integrate Governance in yor daily work
    • Governance as part of your implementation and support organization
  4. Select some top-priority Governance Topics
  5. Next Steps and Closure

Note that a phone call to prepare the session is included. It allows us to persoanlize the session for your Governance approach.


Location  at your site.
Max attendees  12
Date:  we will plan it together. (1/2 day session
Price:  800 € (exclusive VAT)
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