Modern collaboration, powered by O365

This one day session is the ideal introduction on Office 365. After this session you have felt what modern collaboration means. You have experienced most O365 Apps, in a business scenario. But we also discuss the approach needed to get Office 365 successfully implemented. We show you what business transformations may be needed and where to start. How to align Business, Security and ICT…

The day is broken into two parts.

Morning: Why O365 and Feel 365

First, we discuss the Business value: Why use O365? How and what will it bring to your organisation. Next, we shortly introduce O365 as a suite of apps. Finally, to experience O365 yourself, we “play” together a business scenario: A day in the life…

We demonstrate the different Office 365 Apps, in a real business scenario. Bring your Portable with you, and play the scenario with us, and with your colleagues. You actually feel what Skype, Teams, OneDrive, and many other O365 Tools can bring for you. Even tools you thought you know, like Outlook, may amaze you.

Work smarter, meet better together, connect at any time, any place… and with any device.  Within your organisation or across organisations, with partners or customers. Easy and secure, this is what Office 365 provides

Afternoon: The road to success

What are the objectives for you, your departments or organisation? This question starts the discussion on how O365 will be implemented. How will we cope with changes and get adoption. How will we support the end users? How will we migrate from our existing collaboration and knowledge applications?

During this discussion we show how other companies have defined and implemented their O365 roadmap, and what where their key success drivers.


What offers this training?

How can Skype help you build this?

Modern collaboration requires new, performant digital tools. Microsoft Office 365 is such a modern toolset, the reference in the market today. During this one-day session you will see, feel and learn how new ways of working can have a huge impact.  We will discuss use cases or business scenarios, where O365 makes the difference.
To show you the business potential of O365, we may also use business game(s).

Why should you follow this session?

If you buy a car, you will try it out first to get a feel of what it might be. So, if you want to implement Office 365 successfully, you should have felt what it is, what value it can bring to you.

Who should attend?

Business managers and Influencers, Business Analysts, Architects, Project Leaders, Change Managers, Product Owners… Typically, these sessions are followed by people from HR, Communication, Marketing and IT departments or Change Officers.
And yes, all Office 365 Consultants or project members should be aware of how to get user adoption..

Agenda for the one-day training


Location  at your site.
Max. attendees  12
Date:  we will plan it together. (1 day training)
Price:  1.500 € (exclusive VAT)
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