Scenario: work from anywhere

Work from Anywhere, an important new way of working together. You get flexibility, your work-life balance improves and less traffic jam burden. So, your worktime, as employee, becomes more productive.  Deliver on Outcome. Work from anywhere and being effective requires also new leaderships methods. We focus on results instead of presence. Or a leader should be more a coach then a hierarchical chief…  All this are challenges and opportunities. This workshop shows you how the capabilities of Office 365 enables you to work from anywhere. You will experience, as a team, how to act when working remotely, both as a leader or team member.

The workshop starts with an introduction and includes a business game that allows you to experience what work from anywhere can bring. Be as effective while working on-the-go as you would be if you were in the office.

Why should you follow this session?

Working from anywhere is probably the largest benefit and return on invest that Office 365 will bring to your organisation. But making this a success involves more than just installing technology. People need to see what is in it for them, and additionally need guidance to change towards a more flexible, (partly) remote team.

Who should attend?

Business managers and Influencers, Business Analysts, Solution or Enterprise Architects, Project Leaders, Change Managers, Product Owners… Typically, these sessions are followed by people from HR, Communication, Marketing and IT departments.
Of course all Office 365 Consultants or project members should be aware of how to get user adoption.

Agenda of the session

The practical tips topic  show how the workplace of the future should look like. And how to use O365 apps like Teams, Skype, SharePoint, Planner… in a work from anywhere scenario. Of course we also discuss how your working habits need to change as well.

Location  at your site.
Max attendees  12
Date:  we will plan it together. (1/2 day session)
Price:  800 € (exclusive VAT)
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