Skype for Business, deep dive

This half day session will quick-start you. After an introduction and basic overview of the tool, we dive into the more advanced features of Skype for business. You learn and feel how Skype works: simple, fast and powerful. The second part is all about business value.


Besides theory and exercises, we play a business game to show you the power of Skype. At the same time you will learn how you work habits and leadership may change. Depending on your questions and time we show you the broadcast (live events) functionality as well as how the -by Microsoft announced- transition of Skype into Microsoft Teams will affect you.

Who should attend?

Business managers and Influencers, Business Analysts, Solution or Enterprise Architects, Project Leaders, Change Managers, Product Owners…
Typically, these sessions are followed by people from HR, Communication, Marketing and IT departments.
Of course all Office 365 Consultants or project members should be aware of how to get user adoption.


  1. Welcome
  2. Skype interactive demo (login, chat, remote meetings, videocall…)
  3. Skype Advanced features (whiteboard and more, co-author, recording, manage participants…)
  4. How to manage remote work: a short business game
  5. Discussion on Skype Broadcast, Microsoft Teams versus Skype…
  6. Closure

Location  At your site.
Max attendees  12
Date:  we will plan it together. (1/2 day session)
Price:  800 € (exclusive VAT)
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